Is It Worth Buying a New Car? Obviously! A Yes with 7 Advantages

Is It Worth Buying a New Car? Obviously! A Yes with 7 Advantages

Sometimes the advantages of new vehicles include the availability of guarantees. And it is worth buying a new car. For most buyers, this is a very important economic component. But it is not so simple. Voiced three years or 100 thousand kilometers concern only the body, the engine, and the front box. These are very important nodes, but not the only ones. For others, this period is significantly less. For example, electronics – no more than a year, and some parts of the car do not fall under warranty.

The last, of course, not 60%, as they write on the forums of motorists, but really a lot. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully examine what is obliged to change the manufacturer, and what will have to fork out. It is also worth remembering that you will need more and mandatory inspections at the company’s service STATION. They are something just not free and usually much more expensive than such services in the usual service.

7 Advantages of Buying a New Car (Worth Reading)


As you can see, the arguments are not as concrete as it might seem at first glance. However, there are seven more obvious reasons to buy a new car.

1- Breakdowns are rare in New Automobile

To say that the new car is much safer than the old one is really impossible. But the fact that they break less often – no doubt. If you take the vehicle of the world famous automaker, then a year or two problems will not be at all, even in small things. With the proper and careful operation, of course. Failures happen, some models just do not get out of the HUNDRED, but in General, there are fewer problems with them. And in order not to be trapped, you can study the reliability ratings before buying. For example, from the Agency J. D. Power. Its specialists evaluate not only the initial quality of the models but also their further operation.

2- New auto – new technologies (More Worth Purchasing)

Progress does not stand still. In recent years, the automotive industry, he “is not” particularly active. Comparing the 1995 model with the current one is like putting the first jet aircraft and the MiG-25 on the same scale. There were economic engines, new security systems, began to implement systems that help control the car, came close to the “autopilot”. Only new products can boast of all this splendor.

3- Possibility of the car loan: A great Advantage

Banks do not like to lend the purchase of used automotive. At one time there was no such service at all. While there is no issue like that with a new car, you can follow the policy of buy here pay here Atlanta. Today, despite the crisis, you can find credit institutions that will Finance such an operation. But the conditions are unlikely to please: interest rates will be higher by 3-5%.

4- No Insurance Issues with New Car Buying

Let’s start with the fact that some insurance companies do not want to get involved with cars that are more than 7 years old. In any case, the rates for such insurance will be simply “draconian”. Insurance payment of used vehicles in ten or even twenty percent can hardly be called profitable.

5- Are you sure it’s not stolen?

Cases when sell stolen or bought on credit cars, it becomes more and more. Try to fight against it, but it turns out while badly. What is it? At least have to give the autos to the rightful owner and hope that someday caught the thief and he will be able to demand compensation. If you are not lucky enough to run into a “credit”, you will also have to deal with the Bank. The only effective way to avoid all this is to buy a car directly from the factory.

6- No lottery.

A used car is always a risk. The buyer almost never knows its true history. About the fact that it can be stolen, we have already written. Another danger – broken vehicles, that are restored after accidents. And after the floods in Europe there are so-called “drowned”, that is, caught out of the water machine. Their operation – a series of unpleasant adventures in various service stations.

7- You can select a complete set and color

When ordering a new car in the showroom, you can completely adjust it to suit yourself: choose the color you like, add the necessary accessories. There will never be such diversity in the market. Or Vice versa, the machine suits everyone, but the color is just wild, and for the installed equipment you have to pay more


From the above discussion, we can conclude that it is worth buying a new car because you can secure your budget and investment in 7 ways by purchasing a new auto.

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