What is the VIN number?

What is the VIN number?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a standardized reference used to identify a vehicle. In French, it corresponds to the identification number of your vehicle. The locations of this code are defined by regulation and it has several utilities.

What’S the VIN number for?
The VIN number consists of 17 characters including numbers and letters, you can check out the Audi Vin Lookup page in VinFreeCheck for a list of sample squish Vin numbers. This code is unique and allows the precise identification of a vehicle in its series and type. It can also be used for other uses :

– when you buy a vehicle
– when you rent a car
– when law enforcement has to identify your vehicle
– when ordering parts
– when your insurance company asks you to
– when you give up your vehicle

The locations of the wine number

The locations of the VIN number are :

– On the manufacturer’s plate: it is a riveted metal plate or an adhesive label. the VIN number is usually found in the engine compartment or on the foot of the right door post. This plate can be engraved on the frame by punching.
– On the windscreen window: the VIN number is visible from a small opening in the black opaque band of the windscreen.
– The wine number can also be engraved on the planchercôtepassageravant or in the trunk.

Decrypting the wine number

The VIN number gives information on the vehicle manufacturer, the vehicle composition and the date of manufacture. The first 3 digits or letters are called WMI code: World Manufacturer Identifier. Here are the meanings of the 17 characters on the wine number :

– from 1 to 3: this is the manufacturer code WMI
– from 4 to 8: for vehicle composition
– 9: with reference to the vehicle equipment code
– 10: indicates the model and the year of manufacture of the vehicle
– 11: for the vehicle code
– from 13 to 17: this is the serial number

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