Used Cars for Sale in a Garage? Read the Guideline

Used Cars for Sale in a Garage? Read the Guideline


Selling your used Vehicle to a garage is a simple and complicated process at the same time as being confronted by a sales professional can destabilize you. We give you the keys to make this sale successful in the face of often uncompromising customers.

When you have to part with your car, there are two options: sell your old car to a private individual or sell your car to a garage. Each situation has its advantages and disadvantages, which are summarized below. In this guide, we also tell you how to optimize your sales in front of a professional.

Selling your Car to a Garage: Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of selling a vehicle to a professional? Well, for starters, if your used car is for sale to a garage then it is a lot faster than selling your car to a private individual. If you are in a hurry, this is the best solution, not to mention that there is much less risk that the buyer will suffer a scam in front of a professional. Also, if you are really in an emergency and you intend, for example, to use your car as part of an auto recovery that will allow you to buy a new car, do not hesitate to go through a garage.

On the downside, there’s only one: Used cars for sale can be sold to a professional will probably bring you less money than if you’re going through an individual. However, unlike an individual who will often be uncertain, the professional knows what he wants: if he is interested in your car, he will buy it back and if he is not, he will tell you.

Selling your Vehicle to a Garage: What You Need to Know

Sell you car permanently

There are different types of professionals to whom you can sell your car: dealers, garages and car agents. It is important that you are able to differentiate between these different professionals in the automotive world because their proposals can vary significantly. Below, we take stock with you.

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This professional can take your car back against the purchase of a new one in his dealership. Take-back rates are usually below the Argus rating with refurbishment costs. In return, the dealer will be able to give you a discount on the purchase of your new car. Going through a dealership can be very interesting, especially if you know the dealership well or if you are loyal to a particular brand. What is more, as a dealer, you always keep your old car waiting for the new one to deliver to you.

Garage Owners

Just like dealers, some garages can also take your vehicle back, following the same rules as dealers. Your automotive will thus serve as a commercial and financial argument in the context of a takeover linked to the purchase of a new one. In 2018, some garages specialized in second-hand car resale. They are therefore in a position to take back your vehicle and can even offer you an even more attractive offer than that of the dealers.

Authorized Representatives

In this case, the intermediary does not require the purchase of a vehicle afterward and the vehicle is taken back quickly and at a price sometimes equal to its fair value. Of course, this will depend on its general condition, model, year, etc.going through a car representative can give you an advantage for several reasons: First, They are experts companies that know well the expectations of individuals looking for a used vehicle. Secondly, the representatives have the possibility to go to your place of residence free of charge in order to inspect the vehicle. In the case of a dry sale (without the obligation to buy another car), the seller can do a very nice business!

Did you know? In any case, make sure you present a flawless vehicle so you can negotiate the sale price up. In fact, the professional will use the cote Argus as a base of work, they will withdraw a certain sum each time he finds a problem at the level of the car (scratches on the bodyshell, poorly maintained rims, not updated maintenance log, etc.). Put all the odds on your side and, above all, don’t forget that if the price doesn’t suit you, you can always consult the competition.

Conclusion: Why Sell your Car to a Professional?

Selling your Automobile to a garage, dealer or auto agent is the easiest and fastest way to sell your vehicle. In addition, unlike selling a vehicle to an individual, going through a professional will not require you to submit a technical inspection certificate, as this step is not mandatory, as is the recent overhaul of your automobile. Moreover, the procedures here are simplified: no need to draw up a declaration of sale or a certificate of non-pledge, it is the professional who takes care of all this at the time of the return of your vehicle!

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