Troubleshooting Car starting Problems in 8 amazing ways

Troubleshooting Car starting Problems in 8 amazing ways

Your vehicle tends to start badly? Do you wake up the whole street when it’s time to go to work?
It is time to act but what to do? You don’t know anything about it? So, it is very essential for you in troubleshooting car starting problems.

Troubleshooting Car Starting Problems

I am enlisting different car stater problems and tell you that how you can troubleshoot these issues.

1- Battery

This is the number one cause of the startup problems. It is very easy to detect because the starter does not turn or almost (it seems to have difficulties), the LEDs tend to decrease in intensity or then to light up in all the senses for many modern cars (this can even impress because Other noises are added to the “Christmas Tree”. Battery worries often come when changing temperatures/seasons.

Solution: Recharge your battery completely, every 2 or 3 days depending on the intensity of the cold. Just drive at least 25 kilometers, preferably on a highway, without stopping. Contrary to what is believed, to turn the car at a standstill is not used to recharge.


Of course, the starter (see here how it works here) can also be the cause. It tends to no longer walk from one day to the next without necessarily having symptoms before rider. The coals (used to transmit current to the mobile rotor) eventually become fouled and the starter no longer works. Be aware that it is sometimes enough to give some weight on the latter to prolong his life a little (to bring down the dust glued to carbon coals), it can be used when one finds oneself away from home and that one is in the emergency.

Solution: Unless you know perfectly well the mysteries of automobile mechanics, the most reasonable is to entrust your vehicle to a professional. The latter will determine exactly the causes of the breakdown and draw up a quotation which he will propose to his client.

Repairs will be done in the rules of the art, the defective parts will be changed and guaranteed. Here are some ideas of manipulation to solve the problems encountered. In case of wear of the brushes of the starter (also called coals), they must be replaced as the bearing rings and accompany this change of a complete cleaning of the starter. If the solenoid is defective, replace it. In case of fouling, complete cleaning of the start with lubrication of the gears of the epicyclic train. If these failures are not processed in time, they can lead to others, especially the inducers. A complete change of the starter will be necessary.

3-Candles (Petrol engines)

The candles have the role of generating an electric arc that will ignite the fuel. If this arc is struggling to form, the inflammation will have difficulty to occur: so you have trouble getting started.

Solution: First thing, if it is a gasoline, change the candles without thinking if they are already a few years old.

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4-Preheating Candles (diesel engines)

If your vehicle is a diesel, have your glow plugs checked. If these are exhausted, you may find it difficult to get started (the motor will also wear out colder). Note also that the impact of preheating candles is far less important on engines with direct injection. Indeed, even HS, the engine usually starts at quarter turn.

Solutions: Before starting the engine, the glow plug is energized and the candle’s incandescent pencil is raised to a temperature above 800 °c. This heat dramatically improves the engine’s cold start capacity. The heat release of the glow plug also optimizes combustion, reducing fumes and other pollutant emissions.

5-TDC Sensor

This sensor (located towards the flywheel) that allows the ignition to synchronize can cause start-up problems.

6-Various probes

A problem with the cooling water temperature sensor may disturb the start-up. Other probes may be involved, especially on modern engines that are skidded because the calculator needs a lot of data to run the engine.

Solution: Check all the probes properly.

7-Ignition coils/dispenser (petrol engines)

Ignition coils may also be implicated. The latter is used to send juice into the spark plugs so that they generate a sparkle (arcing). The same applies to the old engines with an off-duty dispenser (top image: It is responsible for distributing electricity for each candle and at the right time).

Solution: Check Ignition coil time by time.

8-Tension Rollers

A fault level of the tension rollers can cause start-up problems as well as abnormal vibrations of the engine level. By relaxing, the belt (or chain) of distribution can jump a few notches and thus desynchronize the distribution.

Solution: Tension Roller problem can be solved by mechanic only. So, get checked your car regularly by a mechanic.

I believe that there are many other problems of a car while you want to start it, and I also believe that you are enough genius to solve this problem, I request you to write a comment if you know any other troubleshooting car starting problems.

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