Renault Trucks launches its small 3.5-7.5 tonne truck

Renault Trucks launches its small 3.5-7.5 tonne truck

The brand completes its range from the bottom, with the D cab 2 meters wide for the segment 3.5-7.5 tons. A near-exact replica of the Nissan NT500.

Derived from the Nissan NT500, the D cab 2 m Renault Trucks has been launched at Solutrans 2013.
Unveiled in June during the grand show to present the new generations of Renault Trucks, The D Cab 2 m model took advantage of Solutrans (19-23 November 2013) to formalize its real commercial launch. Like its Little Brother Maxity (mostly sold at 3.5 tons), this cab chassis is produced in Spain by Nissan Motor, where it is called NT500 and replaces the Atleon.

The teams at the Renault 7.5 tonne recovery Truck Design Hall have reviewed its front end, giving it an unmistakable family looks with the next generation of trucks. If the stylists played well, the same cannot be said of the marketing teams who gave it a name-D Cab 2 m – a little atypical, even strange, but precise in terms of technical definition.

The dashboard of the Renault Trucks cab 2m launched in November 2013.
The D signifies that it belongs to the family of distribution vehicles, such as models with a cab width of 2.10 m (ex-Midlum) or 2.30 m (ex-Premium Distribution), and the designation Cab 2 m specifies that its cab is 2 m wide.

3.5 to 7.5 tonnes GVW

At the technical level, everything is clearer. This new entrant covers tonnages from 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes. Let us recall that at this last tonnage, Renault Trucks no longer has a truck manufactured by itself now that the 2.10 m d range with cab starts at 10 tonnes.
Three seats at the front for the Renault Trucks D cab 2 m. at 3.5 tonnes, therefore, it can be ordered in HD (heavy duty) construction, i.e. with a reinforced chassis for construction activities. The D Cab 2 m exists in a truck version with 5.6 tons, 6.5 tons and 7.5 tons. At the latter, it adopts 17.5-inch wheels and a 180-hp powertrain, compared to 16-inch and 150-hp for lower versions, and can be shipped with a six-speed robotized gearbox, instead of the standard six-speed manual gearbox. Its 3-liter cylinder engine is, of course, Euro VI compliant, thanks to the SCR after-treatment.

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