How to pass your driving test first time?

How to pass your driving test first time?

Driving your own car or driving a car on your own is a big task for anyone but before doing so one needs the driving license and for that one has to clear the driving test which is also known as road test or behind the wheel test. A driving test can be a tough test and can give you jitters but with some simple tips and tricks, you can pass this test in one go. Many people spend years in passing this test so one must need to work on their skills and practice rigorously so that there remains no chance that you fail this exam.

Tips for passing the driving test first time

So let’s see what are those tips and tricks that can help you to pass the driving test:-

  • The most simple but most important tip is to know which car you are driving and how that car works. Like is it manual or automatic this will solve your confusion and allow you to drive it properly?
  • Then before driving check your car externally, like if any light is on or there is any fault in the tiers of the car or if there is any leak in the car.
  • Then get in your car and check if the hand brake is on or not, check for the gear if its on neutral or not, check every light if that has left on.
  • After that start your car and look for any warning light, if any of the light is still blinking than check for the problem on a priority basis.
  • Always keep your phone on silent mode or away from you while driving the car and of course while giving the driving test.
  • Make sure to know all the rules and regulations of the road and driving before the exam.
  • Always use both your hands properly never cross them while driving instead use the shuffle method to drive the car.
  • Remember your car should not roll back while driving on the uphill as it will cost you point deduction in your test.
  • Always remember to use a break before the white line and stop your car before the whit line not just the wheels.
  • Always remember to practice parallel parking as much as you can before the test. As many pass the driving part of the test but fail the parking part of the test.
  • Always use indicators while changing the lanes as it will avoid any kind of accidents.
  • Make sure to check both the side mirrors and rear mirror too, so that you are able to see the view of the road properly and avoid any kind of dangerous situation.
  • Do not use a hand brake to stop your car everywhere but just in an emergency.
  • Don’t roll your car anywhere look for proper space and road situations.
  • Always use horns during the blind turns and before overtaking any other car.
  • Make a habit to keep all your papers of the car and your license and other important papers regarding the car with you every time and make sure to check these too while giving the test.
  • Always have a spare tire and tool accessories in your car and check these items too
  • Always have a spare tire and tool accessories in your car and check these items too before the test.

Hope these tips and trick helps you to pass the driving test at the first go. While there are many other precautions and rules and regulations are there which one should take in the notice and do accordingly.

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