most fuel efficient cars 2018

8 Most fuel Efficient Cars 2018 with pictures

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Here is the list of most fuel-efficient cars 2018 with the comparison. ENJOY.   8th — Lincoln MKZ hybrid: luxurious and miserable in fuel This is the least greedy luxury sedan in 2018. The LincolnMKZ is satisfied with 5.9 L/100km (average rating), tells user can. It should be known, however, that its combined powertrain (petrol/electric) delivers a net power of 188 hp, which allows this sedan to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in9.1 s 7th — Toyota Prius V: Hybrid and Practical Here is the family of the Prius family: the Prius v — V for versatile, of Course. Its modular chest has a useful volume almost as large as a Toyota RAV4 when the back seat records are Stowed. That’s What I Mean. Its average consumption is 5.8 L/100km, according to NRCan. […]

list of car problems

List of Car Problems with solutions: Follow and enjoy

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You are using your vehicle and unexpectedly it is the breakdown of your car. There may be the following list of car problems like Puncture, gas failure, flat battery,  suspicious smoke, motorists tend to panic and do not always react in the proper manner. The dry breakdown, the flat battery, the punctured tire. […]