A long list of Electric Vehicles (With Specs)

A long list of Electric Vehicles (With Specs)

Here I am going to share a list of electric vehicles in 2018. Furthermore, I will write specs of several vehicles in the following discussion. let’s start;

List of Electric Vehicles

1- Renault Twizy

2- BMW i3

3- Hyundai Ioniq Electric

4- Renault Zoé

5- Nissan Leaf

6- Volkswagen E-Golf

7- Nissan E-NV200 Evalia

8- Tesla S

9- Tesla X

BYD e6

The Chinese builder BYD (Built Your Dreams) has developed this crossover model that has very attractive features.

Moreover, 100% electric, It offers an autonomy of 300 km (in urban Mode) thanks to its lithium-FE battery developed by BYD. These batteries can recharge in 2h (optimum cycle), 40 min. in fast mode or 6h on a domestic outlet. They’re Guaranteed for 10 Years.

List of Electric Vehicles

A braking energy recovery system completes the equipment and makes it possible to make the most of the urban Routes. Its 75 kW nominal motor allows a maximum speed of 140 km/h.

This model has been tested with a fleet of over 800 taxis in several cities around the WORLD.

It is particularly spacious and its exterior and interior design is worthy of interest.

Kamoo 500-220i

An electric vehicle with an Italian Accent.
Here is the new model three doors of the Swiss company Kamoo AG Electrocars, This is a reworked version of the Fiat 500. A look that has proved its worth and an Italian ambiance that will seduce more than One. It is available in several colors, which will seduce more than one!

List of Electric Vehicles With an autonomy of 200 km and the possibility of installing a rapid charge system (400v/32a) in 2:30, the Kamoo 500-220i has undeniable advantages. Its limos-ion 200kg batteries can store an energy of 23 kWh which serves as an AC-asynchronous type Engine. The maximum speed is 130 km/h, so on the highway so there is just enough to satisfy the service of the Tickets.

It is considered the best fuel efficient car.
The Kamoo is available within 10 weeks, for approximately 65 ‘ 000 CHF. Note that there is also a convertible variant, the Kamoo 500-220c.


Here is a model 100% electric European, The C-Zen was developed by the French company Bending. In addition, This vehicle is a small urban two-seater with a young and sporty appearance.
The manufacturer indicates that C-Zen has developed taking into account a maximum of environmental considerations.

List of Electric Vehicles Czen

Its aluminum chassis gives it a very modest weight. It is equipped with an asynchronous 15 kW engine which allows reaching a maximum speed of 110 km/h.
Its lithium-ion batteries guarantee an autonomy of 120 km, they are rechargeable on the household power supply 220v.
Lastly, The first deliveries of C-Zen date from May 2014. The price of the basic model is 19 ‘ 000 euros. There are many options available to customize the Vehicle

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