How to Select Laptops for Live Streaming in Traveling

How to Select Laptops for Live Streaming in Traveling

Lost in the jungle of laptops? Don’t panic! I offer you the best choice for each use and user profile. Whether you are a novice, geek, fashion, gamer, professional, mobile or student, each has its own computer!

The purchase of a laptop deserves a minimum of preparation. The first question to ask before buying this one is:” for what purpose ?”, “what am I going to do with my computer ?” Do you want to use your laptop in your car while you are on a family trip and want to work with enjoyment? Following instructions are the best to choose a laptop which suits in your vehicle.

Indeed, there is a multitude of references to laptops, each corresponding to particular uses. Let’s take an example: the size of the screen. This size, expressed in inches is between 10 and 18.4″. On this criterion alone, you can already sort between the different references. Indeed, that says small size, says the compact size and reduced weight, and therefore perfect computer to take with you! And vice versa, which says big size, says heavy product and therefore rather destined to stay at home.

What screen size should I choose?

Netbooks, with their smaller screens and their weight 1 kg approximately, have had the wind in their sails a few years ago. Convenient to access the Internet, check your e-mail, watch videos, they are now losing speed, notably competing with touch tablets, which offer even more mobility, autonomy and ergonomics, but especially the unmatched comfort of tactile use and compactness, not to mention plethoric application stores (+ 1 million apps on iPad or Android tablet !)
For an efficient and mobile product, you will have to look at the “ultra-portable” family. These computers, usually with an 11″ or 12 ” screen, are the best combination of performance and compact size. Whether you are professional, often on the go or “never without my computer” style, ultra-laptops are the best choice. One category is particularly in vogue, that of the 2 in 1 hybrid (or PC tablets), which combine the convenience of a touchscreen tablet with the comfort of a laptop computer. Screen sizes range from 10 to 12.5 inches for most models, but some models like Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 offer a nice 15″screen.

Before last major Category, 15″computers. These computers are “standard”. With their more advanced technical characteristics and screens large enough (15.4″, 15.5″ or 15.6″) for multimedia use (photo management, viewing of HD films, etc.), they are the most versatile. With a weight of about 2.5 kg, they will be able to follow you in all your movements, however, these type of laptops are not recommended for working in your vehicle during traveling. 11″ or 12″ are the best laptops for live streaming in a car while you are on a long trip.


So we have just scanned all the laptops and cleared out the big usage families. Then comes the second question: “what is my budget ?”

The answer to this question will depend on how you use your computer in your vehicle. :

i- If the computer is just necessary for you to access the Internet, write documents or listen to music, for example, a budget of up to € 500 will be sufficient.

ii- If your need is more to create content on your computer (photo management, video editing, etc.) or to occasionally play video games, prefer a more powerful model and therefore a little more expensive, count between 600 and 900€ maximum (Fnac member, benefit in more than 5% of permanent discount).

iii- If your computer needs to be able to perform the heaviest tasks at the same time without flinching, or you want to enjoy the latest HD content or video games without compromise, the minimum budget will be € 900 to reach over € 3,000!

Let’s recap everything: we saw together the 2 main questions to ask for the purchase of a computer: “what use” and “what budget”. So, if you are looking for a laptop for use while you are in traveling then size matters a lot, moreover, budget depends on your work’s requirement. Everything is more clear, right? 🙂

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