How to Clean Car Window Inside and Outside (A Complete Guide)

How to Clean Car Window Inside and Outside (A Complete Guide)

Among the needs of your vehicle, cleaning the windshield seems the easiest thing to do. But knowing how to clean car window inside and outside properly is essential to be able to enjoy safe driving without any flutter. In addition, doing a proper cleaning is not complicated if you take into account a set of guidelines; anyhow then explains how to clean a windshield. Note well!

How to Clean Car Window inside and outside?

Many people do not manage to get perfectly translucent windows due to the lack of techniques. Fortunately, you will learn the methods of detailing professional Windows.

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Don’t forget: there are two parts on a car window, the inner part, and the outer part.

Recommended Tools for Better Car Window Cleaning

To clean the windows of your car perfectly, you need to use the right tools :

How to clean car windows

  • Thick microfiber stack
  • Standard microfiber towels
  • Medium-hairy microfiber towels
  • Polish for glass
  • Special Pad glass for the polishing machine
  • Dual action polisher
  • Razor blade with the handle
  • Clay bar
  • Foam applicator pad

How to wash the outside windows of your car?

  1. Apply several sprays of windscreen washer product directly to the windows, or on a quality microfiber cloth.
  2. Use a razor blade at an angle of 45° and scratch the entire surface to remove contaminants. An extremely effective technique.
  3. Reapply the glazing material on the glass surface, directly on the glass pane, avoiding the other parts of the car.
  4. Use the clay bar in front-to-back and top-to-bottom movements with light pressure. The clay bar will trap contaminants.
  5. Use a clean, high-quality microfiber towel to finally clean the glass. There are some rather efficient embossed microfibre napkins on the windows.
  6. Apply a glass polish (if available) to the pad of a Dual Action (DA) polisher in the form of 5 drops.
  7. Spread the polish on the glass with a speed of 2 on the speed selector of your orbital polisher.
  8. With your polisher dual action at Speed 6, make superimposed passes, from left to right and from top to bottom.
  9. Clean the residue glass with a dense, long-haired microfibre towel.
  10. Apply a coating with a foam applicator pad. Once the window is completely blurry, wipe with a clean, high-quality microfiber towel.
  11. Spray window cleaner on a clean, medium microfiber towel and wipe again.

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How to Wash the Interior Windows of your Car?

  1. Apply to Window Cleaner sprays directly on a quality microfiber towel.
  2. For example, for the windscreen, place yourself between the passenger seat and the driver’s seat. Left knee on the passenger seat and left hand on the driver seat.
  3. Turn the palm of your hand with the microfiber towel over and rub the inside of the windscreen from top to bottom, then horizontally. Immediately after a wipe with another dry and clean microfiber towel.
  4. For the back bezel, use your strongest and most dexterous hand. Use the same technique as the windscreen.
  5. For the windows of the doors, remember to lower them to start cleaning the top (very often forgotten), then the bottom.

Clean Car windshield with Shampoo/Baking Soda

Car windows cleaning

Steps to follow:

Step 1

Another way to clean the windshield is to use shampoo if you can find it surprising, it works really well, here are the steps to follow.

  • 1 tablespoon of shampoo (hair shampoo).
  • 1 liter of water.
  • Mix, Mix, Mix.

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Wet the rag thoroughly. Pass it over the window or windows to clean, pass several times and rub. Let the rag stand for half a minute; in the meantime, wring the rag properly to remove any water Iron the damp rag, and finally dry them with paper towels or newsprint.

Step 2

Once you have quickly cleaned with water and a brush, you can use a product specially designed for windshield cleaning. Any driver can see that it is better suited to your car, but it is advisable to use a trusted brand and not a private label. Although this is not usually a problem, be careful not to spill the product on the rest of the car.

Step 3

It is recommended that a microfiber cloth is used for this step and that the same path is followed. Also, make sure the windscreen is clean. If you notice that it is not clean at all, iron the product with the cloth until all imperfections disappear.

Step 4

Then let everything dry before you use it and take into account the maintenance should your windshield need to keep it in the best possible condition. Check the windshield wiper to make it work properly, as it is normally changed every two years. And make sure the windshield wiper fluid tank always has product in case you need it.

To know how to clean the windshield the first thing to use is water. We recommend using a brush, preferably with soft hair. At that time, it is not necessary to use a type of product. Don’t force it too much either and make hand movements always in the same direction. If you have started cleaning vertically, continue in the same way.


You should wash it thoroughly and thoroughly with water without scratching. Cleaning the interior is also important: use a clean, damp cloth and put it on the windshield; dry with paper towels so that there are no traces.

Do not use alcohol or a sunglasses cleaner. Do not use solvents, they leave traces and sometimes irretrievably damage the glass. If you have a broken, cracked, cracked windshield; do not clean it with this, as it penetrates the cracks and makes the situation worse.


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