How to Charge a Car Battery without a Charger: 5 Method

How to Charge a Car Battery without a Charger: 5 Method

Any motorist can be in such conditions when the battery of the vehicle suddenly stops working. And the ability to charge it from the usual charger is not available. If the car was not used for a long time and stood in the parking lot for several months. Then, it will gradually discharge and stop working. In addition, if you leave the lights turned on, the battery is very fast “sit” overnight. And start the car simply will not succeed. In such cases, you should be aware of how to charge a car battery without the charger using the methods known to many drivers.

5 Best ways to Charge a Car battery without a Charger

Here is the chance to learn the 5 best ways to charge the car battery anywhere without a charger.

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We Clarify the Reason: Diagnostics

If the car does not start, first it is necessary to find out exactly, whether there is a reason in the accumulator. First, you need to pay attention to the dashboard. If indicators on it burn poorly or do not burn at all, means, the battery precisely “sat down”. It is good when a voltmeter is built in the dashboard. In this case, the sharp reduction of the voltage indicators will testify to the problem with it.

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It is also necessary to inspect the car battery itself. All modern batteries are equipped with a charging indicator, the color of which can be understood, discharged battery, or not. When the indicator light is red, it means that it is. If it is seated, it will also affect the sound of the engine. The sound will be weak, more monotonous and very viscous, with the characteristic clicking under the hood. With the sudden detection of any of these signs will have to think about how to charge the car. If there is no charging, showing a certain proportion of ingenuity and sociability.

1- Method of “cigarette-smoking” from another Automobile

Battery Charging with other car

One of the best ways to drive a car is to recharge the battery from another car passing by. Any motorist will say that if there is a problem with how to charge the battery without a charger. This is the best way to sort out the problem. If the trouble happened during a journey when there is no way to reach the nearest maintenance center. Other motorists understand and come for the rescue.

When working with batteries should be taken into account. We came to know that inside the hood of modern vehicles there are many different electronic devices. It is important to get it without damaging them. Although, in theory, manufacturers take into account the possibility of charging one car from another. On a battery, it is easy to find two terminals: the Plus and minus.
In order to carry out the process of charging the battery of the donor car. You will need two thick wires with strong and wide clamps with a sectional area of each not less than 10mm2. Wires should be at least 1.5 meters in length. Moreover, be sure to have a dense rubber braid, otherwise, they will not withstand the conditions of low temperatures.

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Thinner wires should not be used, because they can simply burn when they are in a strong current. The current, installed before its feeding, shall be not less than 200 Amp. It is best to use professional wires with wide clamps and standard colors:

1- The red Wire is a “positive” pole

2- Black is “minus”.

Wide clamps provide the best degree of contact, and a large section of professional wires most correctly transmits current.

After the driver who agrees to help is found, it is possible to go together to the following actions:

1- “Positive” clamp at first to fix on the positive terminal of the battery of the car receiving assistance;

2- The “plus” clamp is also fixed on the positive terminal of the “donor” auto;

3- Connect “minus” wires strictly in the same sequence “receiving-donor”, constantly monitoring the polarity;

4- Prevent wires from touching each other; To start the engine of the car-“donor” for 10-15 minutes;

5- Do not disconnect the wires throughout the process;

6- To start the engine of the receiving car only after the time in 10-15 minutes, having drowned out before this “donor” engine;

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Remove clamps from the terminals without silencing the host automobile’s engine.

On the principle of “minus” with the donor, “minus” from the receiving and same with red. Let the host car’s engine run for a few more minutes before the full end of the process.

2- Vehicle Pushing method: Charge Vehicle Battery

No less old and traditional way of “charging” the vehicle battery, allowing in a short time to start the engine. However, at the present stage, it is important to consider that it is suitable only for cars with manual transmission.

Pushing the vehicle

The essence of the way

After discharging the battery there is still a certain amount of energy, which should be enough to start the starter. You can ask for help from people who pass by. When the engine starts, it should not turn off at once, and for a while to ride on the road to the maximum “shake” the battery. There are also more extreme methods of how to start a car if the battery has discharged.

3- How to charge the battery in Emergency Cases Without a Charger

Above-mentioned ways can help when a motorist is in the city or on a busy track, where the chances to meet potential helpers are large enough. But how can I charge it if the driver is in some lonely place and the battery has stopped working? In this case, there are several methods of “revitalizing” the battery, for example, the Emergency start of the engine with a conventional battery; Just shake the battery a few times. Any conventional battery can remove from the flashlight, or from the phone.

Then open the hood of the car and find the wiring, which leads from the battery to the generator, giving the desired signal while turning the ignition key. The car is a good nudge. If there is a possibility, it is better to push it from a roller coaster, then to jump in it on the move and quickly turn the key. Remove it after the engine is started without turning it off. Of course, this method requires a certain speed of reaction, but when there is no other way, it can turn out absolutely everything.

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If the battery is lead-acid with liquid inside, you can get it out of the bonnet of the car and gently shake several times to ensure that the liquid components are evenly distributed throughout its body. Of course, it is important to observe the highest possible safety technique.

4- Making a self-made charger

If the driver has enough time and conditions, you can try to make a simple device yourself. The production of self-made charging will succeed if there are such components:

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1- A normal bulb (60 to 200 watts);
2- Semiconductor diode;
3- Wiring with terminals with the plug for a socket.
The higher the power indicator of the light bulb, the faster the battery will charge the car. However, it is not necessary to use a light bulb with a power indicator greater than 200 watts: can burn not only a semiconductor but also the battery. It is possible to touch unprotected hands to any element of the lining chain only if it is disconnected from the power source. How to charge a car battery without a charger important to remember that the circuit will be under very high voltage.

Self-made car battery Charger

The semiconductor diode is necessary during the charging process. When drawing up the scheme it is necessary to consider that the diode will take out half of an alternating current, therefore the power of a burning light bulb will be half less. The duration of this charge, on average, is about ten hours. If at the moment there is no time to charge the battery for a few hours, and it is urgent to “revive” it, you can use a very simple scheme of manufacturing a “fast-moving” charger.

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5- Manufacturing of a vehicle “charger” from the laptop charger

You will need:

1- Charger for a laptop;

2- Multimeter Light Wires that connect the schematic elements.

The bottom line is to feed the voltage from the charger to the battery. To do this, the pole with the internal contact of the charger from the laptop must connect to the multimeter. The multimeter, working in the mode of ammeter, is necessary for tracking, on what current the charging is going. Further “plus” is carried out from a multimeter to a light bulb (on the average, a capacity of 20 W), and from a lamp of transactions is connected already directly on a positive terminal of the accumulator.

See this video to make a charger of Battery yourself.

The minus pole from the charger for the laptop directly connects to the minus terminal of the battery. If you assemble such a simple scheme, you can quickly recharge the car battery in the home for 30 minutes. By the way, if it is discharged in the frost, its operability can be quickly restored, if you just put it in a warm room. Thus it is not necessary to hurry and, especially, it is impossible to carry out any experiments with the use of hot water or boiling waters.

It is necessary to heat the battery carefully and gradually. Any experienced driver will always be able to answer the question of how to charge the battery of the car without the charger. Many motorists are happy to tell about it and share their experience with beginners. In order to apply a method, it is important to always take into account factors such as the environment, the ability to turn to someone for help, as well as their own ingenuity and inventiveness.

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