Car Decoration for Wedding: Different Ideas in Different Regions

Car Decoration for Wedding: Different Ideas in Different Regions

Consider also that other means of locomotion (carriage, motorcycle?) will be able to transport the bride and groom, as we will see in more detail in this article. However, whether the choice of vehicle is unimportant or decisive for you, the decoration of the wedding car seems almost indispensable. You can use an all-made decoration kit or choose every detail. So to help you through this step, here are some ideas from here and there.

Are you looking for ideas on decorating a wedding car? You are in the right place because we will show you the most beautiful ideas of car Decor for a wedding party with flowers, ribbons, and garlands. Let us inspire you with our ideas and choose the perfect design for your big day!

Car Decoration on Marriage

As you know, the choice of the wedding party vehicle is crucial to set the tone for the ceremony. Adding decorations is also a necessity as they embellish the vehicle and refine the theme you wish to give to the most beautiful day of your life. That being said, it is not always easy to choose among the different styles that exist for decor. To help you, here is a small selection of wedding car decoration ideas.

While the choice of vehicle may seem trivial, it will be revealing of the style you wish to give to your type-approval. Thus the 2CV or the ladybug will bring a humorous and light touch to your wedding while a collection car will evoke the elegance of great receptions. Of course, the everyday car will be very well suited to the exercise of the procession of the bride and groom’ and will reveal itself in many ways very convenient to swallow the wedding dress often very bulky!

Why We Decorate Cars on Marriage?

Horse decoration for wedding

Before going to certain ideas for car decoration at the wedding, I will tell you an amazing story about car decoration on marriage/wedding. The origin of this wedding tradition is as old as humanity. Before the invention of cars and autos, Grooms used to go on horses and those horses were adorned/Decor with florals and colorful clothes on wedding occasions.

With the passage of time, the tradition of horses became obsolete. And after the invention of the automobile, this custom has shifted from horses to vehicles. Same as horses, cars are decorated with ribbon and colorful pieces of cloth.

Decorated groom’s vehicle on a wedding gives an awesome feeling and it becomes a strong tradition nowadays. In today’s age, a marriages/weddings ceremony is not considered complete unless the groom’s car is decorated. Therefore, this custom adds a feather in your cap in your marriage ceremony.

Ideas for Car decoration on Wedding

Here I will share with you several ideas for car decoration on the wedding; let’s start

The Flower Bows on the Hood of the Vehicle

Among the many car decorations, the most common solution is the floral composition to fix on your hood with a cube of oasis foam with suction cups, which you can buy from your florist. The prices of the compositions vary according to the size of the composition and the desired blossoms, count on average from 70€ to 150€ the composition. Also, know that some florists can support the complete decoration of your car on the wedding: tulle, handle.

This is an important solution when you know that the bride and groom rarely have the time to decorate the car on D-day. That is why this task is entrusted to a relative, who is often the driver of the car.

You will be able to arrange flower bows garlands located diagonally on the hood or scattered along with the bodywork. You can use natural blossoms or paper flowers that you made yourself following the instructions. The flower garland can be fixed along with the free windshield on the hood or mounted from the hood to the roof for your weddings.

Easy to make, you can also make a bouquet to lay on your hood. If your car has a long hood, you can also arrange your bouquet of wedding car florals inverted, with the stems on the side of the windshield and the plume of flowers falling down the hood (photo traction Lignespures). Put your wedding party car deco under the sign of humor by hanging floweret on your windshield wipers.

Car Decoration with Flowers


Choose the flowerets of your floral composition according to your wedding theme. Thus palm leaves, birds of Paradise, will be perfect for an exotic theme. The roses will be ideal for a romantic theme and you will get awesome feelings too. If you want to create your own floral composition, you should know that at floral is, there are supports with suction cup specially designed to be fixed on the wedding car of the bride and groom (A married Couple).

You can also play with foliage such as this ball of leaves that give the floral composition all its originality and sign of love. We will also highlight the originality of this decor for a wedding car featuring a round composition placed on the hood. And this is connected by beaded little threads covering the roof of the car.

Vehicle Decoration On wedding


There are many floral compositions of all kinds and we do not intend to show here the exhaustiveness of these compositions, but give you some ideas to bring more to your decoration. So for a country theme, do not hesitate to add some raffia in your compositions, whose strands flying away to the wind will bring a touch of lightness. The Ivy can also be mobilized to adorn your car. Attach long Ivy lines along the body (from the hood to the trunk) as if nature was invading your vehicle?

An inexpensive decoration and easy to make. For exotic decoration, consider using large palm leaves to cover your hood. Drooping plants like amaranth (Fox’s tail) will help to give volume to your floral compositions and you will get amazing decor with it.

Think also of the flower bows crown that can adorn the front of the car.  Use a crown of oasis Moss in which you will sting the stems of the blossoms. Then hang the crown with a ribbon on the wedding car. Bet on the profusion by making a kind of floral Bush that runs through the hood.

The gall of your car will also be an element to take into account in your decoration, all the nooks and crannies are good to decorate?. You can thus place floral compositions on the front of the headlights of a 2CV or on the steps of traction.

Automobile Decoration for Marriage Ceremony


The Composition of Fresh Flowers and Vintage Leather Suitcases

Wedding bouquet on vintage wedding car


The search for originality is always a delicate undertaking when it comes to wedding decoration. The déjà vu and the kitsch must, therefore, be avoided at all costs. The Deco kits for a married vehicle remain a safe value without fear of taste. But, in order to customize the wedding car decoration, it is necessary to rely on its own taste and creativity to make decorative accessories, in full harmony with the theme of the ceremony.

The floweret and ribbon remain the great classic decor, which contributes to the originality and customization of the wedding car decor. To get out of the ordinary, we can favor exotic blooms that will breathe a touch of romanticism and originality. Apart from the basic floral composition that is usually found on the hood of the vehicle, it is possible to make some more discreet to adorn the handles and the interior. This allows the bride and groom to impress their guests with a coherent, fresh and original wedding decor.

How to Decorate a Wedding Car with Ribbons

These are the classic components of wedding car decorations. It must be said that they are inexpensive, easy to obtain and to use, and of the best effect. Think of the tulle. Practical, light and graceful, he will become your best friend! It can be arranged alone on your hood in the form of a V or combined with a floral composition (we will come back to these a little lower).

How to Decorate Car With Ribbons

How to Decorate cars with Ribbons


If the tulle is the fabric of the marriage par excellence the ribbons are not less neglected. Satin ribbons will give a prestigious and grandiose look to the decoration of your car. You can arrange them in big

knots or hang ribbon along the adorned body, roof or hood. To avoid a vacuum effect or a lack of volume, you can arrange on a ribbon crossing sewn or stitched floweret.

Finally, the Bolduc remains a sure value in terms of decoration. Practical, it allows you to make large ornamental knots that will distinguish your car from others. It too will combine very well with floral composition and get an attractive look.

The beautiful idea of Automobile Decoration for a Wedding at the Beach

Vehicle Decoration on Beach


Wedding car decoration ideas are not limited to flowers. On the contrary! The classic floral composition can be combined with other decorative elements such as garlands, balloons, knots, and ribbons etc.furthermore, the car can be adorned with stickers, placards, Just married greeting cards, etc. drawings with an erasable marker are also an excellent idea to dare. Whatever the choice of the bride and groom, the design elements must be coordinated with each other. So, the blossoms, ribbon, knots, and balloons must match the wedding theme, as well as the color palette.
The rear of the vehicle


On the back of your vehicle, you can place all kinds of decorations. Again, it all depends on how your car looks. If the chest is flat you can easily place a floral composition of the bouquet, crown or more modern composition (square, rectangle, flowerets scattered all over the chest as illustrated in the photo:

Car Decoration for Marriage with Beach Theme

The blooming heart or horseshoe-shaped floral composition at the back of the car.


You can also decorate the back of your ceremonial White car with custom stickers, or a sign with the design of your choice. Adding “just married” to the marker on your rear windshield will give you a touch of humor and lessen the very solemn and formal side of the wedding.

Finally, it is common to adorn the wedding car (White) with a train at the back, like the brides. You can put garlands that fall to the ground or long ribbons that will fly to the wind for just a married theme. A more classic car train is to attach cans to each other and fix these garlands with the trunk.


Simple Car Decoration for Marriage/Weddings

Don’t forget that all the details are important so that the decoration of your wedding car is complete. So even door handles, mirrors or wheels can be used. Depending on The Shape of the body, all the corners are good to decorate.

Simple car decoration for marriage

For more originality and to impress the spirits, trust yourself and let your imagination

Simple car decoration for marriage

n speak. Find items related to your wedding theme and attach them to your car. Don’t hesitate to be humorous, it will contribute to the good atmosphere of the wedding and the memories that will remain.

To conclude, many different decorations are possible, it depends on the style you want to give to your wedding. Know that some florists accept to realize the complete decoration of the wedding cars. This solution should not neglect as the bride and groom often lack time to attend to every detail before D-Day.


How to decorate your Vehicle for Marriage Ceremony

There are different ways to decorate the car that carries the bride and groom who are going to be married. Some decorations are for example very country, others more festive or even very colorful… so you can choose the decoration of your car according to the style and colors of your wedding. Also think about bringing some decorative elements to the other cars, for a sublime and harmonious procession. Discover all our ideas and tricks, and let’s hear the horns!

Homemade Confections for the Newlyweds’ Car

If you want a DIY Wedding, know that it is quite possible to make decorative elements for the car. For example, you can buy tulle, lace or ribbons to create nice knots to position around the mirrors, antenna, door handles. Also arrange the tapes on the hood, for example in the form of a V. Also, you can buy small objects like hearts, beaded accessories…, to position on your confections using Bolduc or raffia.

To personalize all this, think of making a nice panel with your two first names or with a picture representative of your love. If all this seems too complicated or if you don’t have time to devote to it, know that there are decoration kits ready for use. In this case, all that remains is to position them on the bodyshell to benefit from a very nice effect.


The Bride and Groom’s Car Freshly Decorated kit


If you appreciate the classic florets and decorations, you can quite ask your florist to create a composition to arrange in your car. So it is possible to take back the same flowers for the car as those chosen to decorate the place of worship, the place of reception and even those that make up your bouquet. However, the florist will also be able to advise you of florets strong enough to stand proudly, for a whole day, on a car hood exposed to outdoor conditions.

These compositions usually have a suction cup. That to be positioned in all simplicity and not fly away at the first Gale. For a less sophisticated, more natural and country-like effect, you can choose blooms from the fields. Go pick them yourself on D-Day (or entrust this mission to relatives as you will no doubt have better things to do) so that they are very fresh. Then create small bouquets on the mirrors or on the door handles of the car.


Not to mention the back of the car that will carry the bride and groom.

While efforts often focus on the hood decoration, the rear of the car should not be forgotten. For example, you can buy a license plate “Just married” or make your own panel. This sounds very American but is becoming more and more common in France. Another possibility: you can drag colored ribbons or even garlands of big pom poms. The different cars that make up the procession can also wear pom-poms or ribbons to create harmony. Of course, only a few of them should be available, because the other cars must be soberly decorated so as not to overshadow the bride and groom.

For more height, you can hang large balloons on the back of the vehicle. In addition, this option is very economical. Know that there are various forms, for example in The Shape of a heart to stick to the theme of love. If you want to hear coming in and making a lot of noise. Then you can create a train by attaching cans to cords and hanging them on the bumper. With that, no more need for horns, we’ll hear you coming from afar.


Car Decoration on the Wedding Party in the World


In different regions of the world, car decoration styles vary. I tried my best to read the fashions of car decoration on the wedding in different parts of the world so that I can share this valuable information.

Car Ornament on Marriage Ceremony in the USA

The Heart in Car Deco (Sign of Love)

Car decoration in the USA

Among the floral compositions, the heart (Sign of Love) remains a very common composition to decorate your car. Lay down on the hood, on the bumper or on the rear trunk, there is no doubt that best compliments your white vehicle on the day J. Symbol of love, it may as well be declined in different versions. For a romantic theme to desire, the heart of roses will impose itself by its elegance. Choose a wedding car deco to do yourself with a heart made of roses.

You can do it with fresh florets stuck in oasis foam or with paper flowerets fixed in a Styrofoam heart. A heart of daisies will also represent a lovely wink for a love theme. For a more natural effect, you can surround the heart of

Consider using materials other than the plant to make your floral arrangement. Thus the plastic mesh for the garden will be practical support for sketching a heart that you will have surrounded with a garland of Bolduc (book 100 Dream Creations).

Automobile Decoration in the USA

For a wedding theme wedding about angels or crazy years, surround your heart with a feather boa. You can then decorate the interior of the heart with plants, flowers or butterflies.

Automobile Decoration on the Wedding in South Asia Region (India)

The Decoration of a Wedding Car: Modern Compositions

In the spirit of ikebana, car floral compositions are increasingly focused on sobriety. Pure lines and skinning are the watchwords of this new and very fashionable trend. With this in mind, you can opt for symmetrical compositions playing on bamboo or wood grids to hang with suction cups on your hood. These compositions will perfectly adapt to long-stalked blossoms such as arum or strelitzia which will illustrate an exotic theme perfectly.

Also, think of foliage such as palm or banana leaves to decorate your procession. The grid itself can play a decorative role by drawing geometric shapes: triangle, scale. This type of decoration kit can also be used to decorate the doors by attaching squares with blooms, now small bouquets.


In this modern spirit, simplicity will be the order of the day. As evidenced by the arums that place on the hood of the car, thanks to a suction cup system. In a more elaborate version, the florist decided to entangle the florets together to form a triangle covering the hood of the car.

Autos Decoration in India

In this new floral trend, flowrets lose their heads? From now on, the flower bud is the only ornamental. You can play simplicity by aligning a few flower buttons glued to your hood or doors with a florist adhesive. For a more visible decoration, bet on the profusion by dispersing flower buttons all along your body or on the doors. For a design effect, you can draw with flexible stem arabesques along with your hood. And decorate the curve thus drawn with some flower buds. A delicate and elegant decoration as we like them.

Automobile Decoration in Indai


Also, play on materials by making round wooden support to enhance your floral decorations. To add a touch of originality, you can decorate the hood of the bride and groom’s car. To do this you will have to styrofoam balls covered with petals, as on this presentation of Candida. The feather will bring lightness to your car decoration, as evidenced by this presentation combining pink blooms and feathers held by a rigid wand. To cover the hood, a triangular frame covered with florets will have the best effect!

Several Other Pictures of Automobile Decoration for Marriage


Pictures of Vehicle Decoration for marriage ceremony


Pictures of Vehicle Decoration for marriage ceremony


Pictures of Vehicle Decoration for marriage ceremony


Pictures of Vehicle Decoration for marriage ceremony


Pictures of Vehicle Decoration for marriage ceremony


Pictures of Vehicle Decoration for marriage ceremony


Pictures of Vehicle Decoration for marriage ceremony


Pictures of Vehicle Decoration for marriage ceremony


Pictures of Vehicle Decoration for marriage ceremony

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