How much does a Car Battery Weigh? (Weight Chart)

How much does a Car Battery Weigh? (Weight Chart)

In order to start a car and use the onboard electronics properly, it is important to pay attention to certain essential elements. Indeed, the car battery is one of those few very important accessories when starting up and using the onboard electrical equipment safely and play an important role in car performance. For a car owner, the most important question while buying and installing a vehicle battery comes to his/her mind is “how much does a car battery weigh”. The weight of an automotive battery matters a lot. Besides a heavy vehicle battery, Its role is to provide the starter with a certain energy, a powerful current that allows to power all the electrical accessories (lights, alarm, circuit breaker, radio, GPS, ABS…).

There are many brands of car batteries that you can buy on the internet and that are exactly the same models as those you find in specialized CAR centers.

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So how best to choose a battery that fits the power required for a particular car with respect to its weight? The best Note editorial gives you all the information and criteria to take into account so that you don’t have to torture yourself for hours when choosing the next Energy accumulator of your car!

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How does a Car Battery Weigh with other Features

In this article, I will give you a comprehensive comparison of 5 different batteries with their weight and performance.

Car Battery Varta E11

Weight of hankook car Battery with other features

Well-known in the car battery market, the Varta brand offers several models to satisfy its customers. One of them is this battery, Varta E11. This one is robust and will last a long time. It has a capacity of 74 Ah and an intensity of 680 A. Free Yourself From the anxiety of having a breakdown when you start your car.

The weight of Varta E11

Varta E11 battery cannot be enlisted in the lightweight batteries list. And it is a heavy battery model. The average weight of this battery is 17.7 kg (39 Ibs (Pounds)). Besides the weight of the new battery, overall performance pf it is good.

Other Feature

Product Dimensions: 278 x 175 x 190 mm

Colour: blue / grey

Capacity: 74 Ah

Intensity: 680 Has


Vehicle Battery Hankook MF54321

Weight of hankook automotive Battery with other features

This battery model is one of the best in the market. Its unique design is secure, starting with it is reliable. It has an advanced technology of Pod center and another of network protection. To make your life easier, she’s maintenance-free. So there are no constraints, you are only entitled to benefits. It is suitable for cars and vans, as long as they are not equipped with the Start & Stop function. Moreover, it can be adjusted in small cars owing to its size.

The Weight of Hankook MF54321

This battery is famous for its lightweight and the average weight of this automotive battery is the only 11 Kg (24.25 Ibs (Pounds)). Installing this new battery is very easy due to its small size and dimensions.

Other Feature

Product Dimensions: 207 x 175 x 175

Colour: grey

Capacity: 44 Ah

Intensity: NA

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Automobile Battery Bosch S4008

Weight of Bosch s4008 automobiles Battery with other features

As soon as you receive this Bosch battery, remove the two protective plugs this makes the installing of your car battery easy. The manufacturer designed it specifically to last a long time. Its electrical characteristics are a cold start power of 680 A and a capacity of 74 Ah. Once you build it, you just exploit it. It requires no maintenance.

The Weight of Bosch S4008

Owing to its reliability, its weight is 18 kg (39.7 Ibs Pounds) which is more than average.

Other Feature

Product Dimensions: 175 x 190 x 278 mm

Colour: blue / grey

Capacity: 74 Ah

Intensity: 680 Has

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Car Battery Varta D24

Weight of Varta D24 auto Battery with other features

Do you want to revive your car? This battery will help you get there. Equipped with the power-frame grate, it is more resistant to corrosion. It has a capacity of 60 Ah for a power of 540 A, enough to withstand the extreme cold. You only have to install it as soon as you receive it to see your car start the quarter turn.

Do you Know? The average weight of a vehicle battery depends upon the electrolyte’s functionality.

Even if you use this room for short trips and without giving it time to recover the necessary energy, it will do its job well and for a long time. But such use is not recommended.

The Weight of Varta D24

Varta brand always focuses on the weight of the batteries and it weighs only 14.6 kg (32.18 Ibs (Pounds))

Other Feature

Product Dimensions: 242 x 175 x 190 mm

Colour: blue / grey

Capacity: 60 Ah

Intensity: 540 A

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Autos Battery Varta B18

Weight of Varta B18 vehicle Battery with other features

This Varta battery offers reliability and versatility. She’s what you need for a first run. Do not hesitate if your car has high-end electrical consumers, this piece will bring you satisfaction. The Integrated Power Frame technology improves performance and extends the life of this part. You can bid farewell to the start failures that force you to get out of the car to face a freezing wind.

The weight of Varta B18

Another Battery model of Varta batteries with lightweight which is only 11.3 kg (25 Ibs (Pounds)). As compare to weight, its size is large.

If we analyze its working then this battery is not considered a heavy battery.

Other Features

Product Dimensions: 250 x 240 x 180 cm

Colour: blue / grey

Capacity: 44 Ah

Intensity: 440 A


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Empty Battery

Generally, empty batteries are lighter than charge batteries. However, the average weight of empty battries varies from model to model and depends upon electrodes and electrolye.

Car Battery Weight Chart

Besides above-mentioned car batteries weight, you can find the answer to your question of how much does a car battery weighs by seeing the following chart.

Car Battery weight chart

Car Battery Features

See car battery features in an interesting way;


A comparison of 5 car batteries weight

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