List of Best Wiper Blades 2018: A Complete Comparison

List of Best Wiper Blades 2018: A Complete Comparison

There are several suggestions about best wiper blades 2018 on the internet. But I will tell the truth. First of all, understand that what is wiper blade? Wiper Blade is the broom consists of a flexible metal and a soft coating. And it is considered an important car part The end of this coating can be done in:

Rubber: This is the most used material. Very affordable, it is easy to install this kind of model. But this material does not last very long.

Silicone: This material is a good value for money. Although it is more expensive than rubber, it is very durable and durable.

Graphite or Teflon coating: The latest in technology, this type of coating is a good investment because it lasts very long.

Besides the material, it is also necessary to know that the brooms are not all in “Universal” version. To do this you have to refer to the size of your windshield. One thing to know too: The driver side broom is slightly smaller than the one on the passenger side.

Now that you know how to choose your wiper blade, make a comparison of the models below that we offer in order to find the right brand.

Best Wiper Blades 2018

Following are the best wipers in the market.

1- Valeo Wiper Blade 574684

This model is intended for car models Citroën C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso. Flat in shape, it offers excellent wiping performance and is very quiet. The pair measures 75 cm for the driver part against 80 cm for the passenger side.

Best car wiper 2018

The blades are manufactured with Silencio X. Trim technology. This guarantees a perfect glide and a good resistance to the alternation of humidity and heat. The available mounting system is specially designed for C4 models. So you will have no problem installing it at the front of your car.

2- EXTREME SILICA Wiper Series

Best Wiper Blades 2018


The Best wipers in the market which I have ever used is the Extreme silica Wipers which are easily available on various online shopping platforms such as Lazada ( Moreover, these are available for various types of car models like Mazda and Toyota. Furthermore, this Japan technology is excellent in its work. If you are thinking about its warranty then you need not worry about it, nanotechnology silicone 0.02 micron coated with Teflon are available with 2 years warranty. So, rush to online shopping platforms and buy silicon wiper without any delay.

3- Bosch Aerotwin A115S

We offer here a recommended model for the front windshield of Renault Megane II (LM, Cabrio, Hatchback or Grand Tour). Its wiping performance is simply irreproachable with its ultra and aerodynamic shape. Moreover, it is designed from treated rubber which gives it 30% efficiency and durability than the classic models.

It shows its capabilities during stormy and snowy times. Easy to assemble, the pair measures 45 cm for the driver’s side and 60 cm for the passenger.


As per my knowledge, these are the best wiper blades 2018, if you know more please do comment in the comment section.

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