15 DIY Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

15 DIY Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

Basic checklist for your car maintenance is an essential thing that you can’t pass over that allows you to experience the automobile accurately. Moreover, the components used within the automobile have lots of deterioration and exhaustion due to tour distance and time and everyday checking is important for all the basic components. You should clear,  day by day inspection is very important for a user of a vehicle. If you neglect it for a long period of time you may see a lot of trouble while driving.

In addition, in the road transport vehicle act, article 47,  “in the  appropriate time determined by the Vehicle’s use, such as the mileage of the vehicle , and the state  of operation,  the inspection of the light system, the operation of the braking device, by the technical standard specified by  the Ministry of  Regular inspections are also the responsibility of the user, as there is a  need to inspect the car  for  other things that should be inspected on a daily basis, such as Visually.

Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

1-Inspection of the engine room

2- Inspection round the automobile

3- Test sitting within the driving seat may be divided into three or greater.

There are 4 or 6 inspection factors for each above-mentioned elements.  Overall, fifteen items should be checked. please seek advice from the sheet below for unique factors. This is a super daily routine. However, when you have an automobile with a typical usage of about 10 000 km of mileage in step with yr you need to do it as soon as a month.

1- Checking the Engine RoomBasic Car Maintenance Checklist

i- Quantity of wind washer liquid

ii- Brake liquid amount

iii- Battery liquid amount

iv- Cooling water amount

v- engine oil

2- Checking around the Auto

vi- Tire air pressure including spare tire

vii- Tire crack damage and unusual wear

viii- Tire groove intensity

ix- Lamp lights flashing and lens stains damage

3- Sit down in the driver’s seat and check

x- Brake pedal and brake effectiveness

xi- Pull the parking brake lever

xii- Wind washing machine injection state

xiii- Wiper wiping state

xiv- Engine situations and noise

xv- Engine low pace and acceleration situations

I hope this you will make a routine to see this checklist before starting a long journey which will keep your car maintenance excellent.

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