Troubleshooting Car starting Problems in 8 amazing ways

troubleshooting car starting problems

Your vehicle tends to start badly? Do you wake up the whole street when it’s time to go to work? It is time to act but what to do? You don’t know anything about it? So, it is very essential for you in troubleshooting car starting problems. Troubleshooting Car Starting Problems I am enlisting different … Read moreTroubleshooting Car starting Problems in 8 amazing ways

8 Most fuel Efficient Cars 2018 with pictures

most fuel efficient cars 2018

Here is the list of most fuel-efficient cars 2018 with the comparison. ENJOY.   8th — Lincoln MKZ hybrid: luxurious and miserable in fuel This is the least greedy luxury sedan in 2018. The LincolnMKZ is satisfied with 5.9 L/100km (average rating), tells user can. It should be known, however, that its combined powertrain (petrol/electric) delivers a net power of 188 hp, which allows this sedan to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in9.1 s 7th — Toyota Prius V: Hybrid and Practical Here is the family of the Prius family: the Prius v — V for versatile, of Course. Its modular chest has a useful volume almost as large as a Toyota RAV4 when the back seat records are Stowed. That’s What I Mean. Its average consumption is 5.8 L/100km, according to NRCan. 6th — Ford Fusion hybrid: the sober blue Oval The Ford Fusion hybrid looks like two drops of water at a regular melting.  But its average  consumption is  5.6 l/100km, while it varies from 8.7 to 11.8 l/100km for its counterpart which has only a thermal engine 5th — Kia Optima hybrid: lack of a hybrid Sonata The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is not currently listed in catalog 2018, but the Kia Optima hybrid, its twin, yes! Like the Ford Fusion hybrid, this other intermediate-sized sedan(very elegant in Addition)  has an average consumption of 5.6l/100km. 4th — Chevrolet Malibu hybrid: a great new American genre One does not imagine that a GM product is among the least-greedy ordinary Vehicles.  The hybrid Chevrolet  Malibucontradicts bias by taking sixth place on NRCan’s list of gasoline-powered or ordinary hybrid vehicles. Moreover, at5.1 L/100km, its average consumption rating is equal to that of the Toyota-C-XLE. 3rd — Kia Niro: Unsung Newcomer The Kia Niro is a very good figure on the 2018 Energy-efficient vehicle charts with three fuel-sparing Versions. The Niro FE has an average rating of 4.8 l/100km, while that of the entry-level Niro is 5.1 l/100 km and that of Niro  touring5.4 l/100 km. On sale since February 2017, sales of this model have been very limited.  Only 1 590 copies of … Read more8 Most fuel Efficient Cars 2018 with pictures

List of Car Problems with solutions (12 Most Common Issues)

list of car problems

You are using your vehicle and unexpectedly it is the breakdown of your automotive. There may be the following list of car problems like Puncture, gas failure, flat battery, suspicious smoke. In this situation, motorists tend to panic and do not always react in the proper manner.  Moreover, The dry breakdown, the flat battery, the punctured tire are the most common troubles in a van or vehicle. It is the obsession of the motorist, constantly in a hurry and for whom a breakdown in no way takes place at the right time. … Read moreList of Car Problems with solutions (12 Most Common Issues)

15 DIY Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

Basic Car Maintenance Cheklist

Basic checklist for your car maintenance is an essential thing that you can’t pass over that allows you to experience the automobile accurately. Moreover, the components used within the automobile have lots of deterioration and exhaustion due to tour distance and time and everyday checking is important for all the basic components. You should clear,  day … Read more15 DIY Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

A long list of Electric Vehicles (With Specs)

List of Electric Vehicles Czen

Here I am going to share a list of electric vehicles in 2018. Furthermore, I will write specs of several vehicles in the following discussion. let’s start; List of Electric Vehicles 1- Renault Twizy 2- BMW i3 3- Hyundai Ioniq Electric 4- Renault Zoé 5- Nissan Leaf 6- Volkswagen E-Golf 7- Nissan E-NV200 Evalia 8- … Read moreA long list of Electric Vehicles (With Specs)

5 Main Parts of a Car with Explanation (All Information)

Main Parts of Car

What are the main parts of a car? whilst we have a look at a car, our first glance arises on the bodywork, that is the general shape of the car. This means that the body’s plates routinely receive and compensate for all the forces from the automobile movement. In the past, the automobiles had … Read more5 Main Parts of a Car with Explanation (All Information)