Benefits of Changing Spark Plugs (5 Advantages)

Benefits of Changing Spark Plugs (5 Advantages)

Owning a car has become an almost absolute necessity today. Both a work and leisure tool, it requires regular maintenance. Candles are an essential part of the ignition system. They require periodic replacement. There are a lot of benefits of changing spark plugs which are going to be mentioned in the next discussion. Just read the complete article.

Benefits of Changing Spark Plugs

Here I will tell you the harms for the engine of your car if faulty candles are not replaced. Moreover, the advantages of replacing them are also going to mention.

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Disadvantages of not changing Spark plugs

Following are the reasons due to which you should change the candles of your car otherwise you may face the serious problems

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i- Increasing Noise of the Engine

ii- Car Acceleration problems

iii- More and More Fuel Consumption

iv- Car starting issues

v- Engine can severely damage if not changed for a long period of time


Why should you change spark plugs? 5 Benefits

Do you own a gasoline vehicle? Be aware that your spark plugs must be checked every 30,000 kilometers and replaced if necessary. Malfunctioning candles can cause engine malfunctions, such as: :

Advantages of replacing spark plugs

Following are the benefits of changing the candles.

i- Get Rid of Startup problems

Every Morning, your neighbors may curse you for the noise which your car creates on daily basis. I know, it is the biggest problem with faulty sparks plugs and wires. Therefore, replace the candles of your vehicle without any delay and enjoy a smooth drive of your office every Morning.

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ii- Avoid Engine failures

Faulty spark plugs can pose a serious threat to your engine’s health unless they are changed for a long period of time. If you don’t want to see your engine’s death please change them.

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iii- Low fuel consumption

Low Fuel Consumption

If you have a huge amount of money to waste on excessive fuel consumption then I never advise you to change them. But if you don’t have extra money to waste, replace your car’s candles and save your money.

iv- Smooth Drive

Driving remains always a source of enjoyment for me. However, vehicle’s candles can destroy this enjoyment. If you want to enjoy a smooth drive you don’t have any other option except changing the spark plugs.

v- Save money and time

Faulty plugs are wasting both your time and money as mentioned earlier. And you can save your time and money by just replacing them.

If your car runs abnormally, it may be time to replace your spark plugs. Their service life is limited and they contribute to the proper functioning of the engine.


Can you replace your spark plugs yourself?

How to change spark plugs yourself

Absolutely! Replacing spark plugs requires no mechanical expertise and is simple and quick. Know that you will save a lot of money if you do it yourself. The cost of labor at a garage is often higher than the cost of replacement parts, which is why more and more motorists are opting for the DIY – Do it yourself solution. And for the purchase of your candles, the Internet is an excellent solution to make even more savings.  Simply put, replacing your candles yourself allows both :

1- To save labor costs

2- To obtain its parts at a reduced rate

3- To benefit from a delivery directly at home


How do I replace my spark plugs

During Changing a spark plug you just need following things

i- Candle

ii- A candle key

iii- Cloth

iv- Glove

Changing a spark plug

i- Spot the candles in the engine.

ii- Refer to each manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to remove candles. Tip :

iii- Change the spark plugs one by one so as not to invert the ignition cables.

iv- Unplug a candle.

v- Loosen the candle with the key and then remove it using a piece of garden hose to avoid damaging the candle and the engine block.

vi- Put the new candle in place.

Tip: screw with the candle key only when necessary so as not to bruise the new candle. Never force it by bragging.

vii- Reattach the cable.

viii- Repeat this method for all other candles.

When do I change a spark plug?

It is recommended to change the candles every 20 000 km (some say 10 000 km, others 30 000 km), making sure that the candles are exactly the same as the old ones. Moreover, if you see any of the aforementioned symptoms in your car, try to change the spark plugs.

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